Arundale Sky Cafe Bird Feeder Review

Arundale Sky Cafe bird feeder

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94% Overall

The Arundale Sky Café is an excellent product with flocks of raving fans. It’s the only squirrel proof bird feeder we recommend that cardinals will use with no hesitation. The large dome is very effective at keeping squirrels out and also protects birds while they feed, and it's made of extra-strong and durable recycled Plexiglas to give you many years of birdwatching pleasure.

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easy use

We Liked

  • 5 lb capacity, takes most kinds of seed  
  • Hang or pole mount
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Virtually squirrel proof
  • Very safe for the birds

We Didn't Like

  • Can be awkward to fill
  • Pointy lid must be properly seated or seed spills out.
  • You'll need to shorten the chain in windy areas


 The Arundale Sky Cafe holds 5 lb or 2 kg of food, is durable and well made, and pretty too. It's a great feeder for all kinds of birds and a great defense against squirrels. Well worth your investment.

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Arundale Sky Cafe Review

If you love to feed lots of different birds the Arundale Sky Cafe will be your new favorite bird feeder. The feeding tray is so large that many birds can feed at the same time, and larger birds like cardinals and jays will be quite comfortable.

Cardinals are notoriously reluctant to use small perches, but as you can see in the video below, this feeder gives them a nice platform to hold on to, with lots of room for other birds to join them, so it makes a great cardinal feeder.

Who is this product for?

The Arundale Sky Cafe was designed to stop squirrels from eating the bird feed, and it does that very effectively. If squirrels are a problem for you, you'll have a laugh a minute watching them try to figure this one out:

The Sky Cafe is a great all-purpose bird feeder too. It comes as one large bin, but if you want to offer a buffet of different kinds of seeds, you can buy a nifty Plexiglas insert that creates four separate chambers inside the bin.

You'll be able to attract finches, bluebirds, cardinals, blackbirds, buntings, doves, juncos - pretty much anything that eats seeds!

Arundale Sky Cafe divider insert

How to use the Arundale Sky Cafe

You can hang the Arundale Sky Cafe or mount it directly on a 1” outside diameter pole (not included), but you’ll need to add a baffle or a Slinky-type toy to stop squirrels from climbing the pole.

If you'd rather mount this feeder on a pole, Amazon carries a variety of bird feeder poles and feeding stations that might work. Be sure to pick something sturdy as this feeder weighs about 7 lbs when full.

If you like to DIY, you could try cheap electrical conduit piping will also work if you can figure out how to keep it vertical.

There is a “pole accessory kit” that's supposed to hold down the lid when the feeder is pole-mounted. Don't bother with it: several people report that squirrels destroy the cord within a day or so. Use a carabiner or other closed pin instead to hold the lid in place

Live in a windy area? You might want to shorten the chain by hooking the bottom of the chain to the top, so the feeder doesn’t swing as much in blustery weather.

Excluding large birds

Arundale Sky Cafe dove guard

Don't want big birds like grackles or doves to get at the food?

Arundale offers a Dove Guard for the Sky Cafe that  keeps the bigger birds out while still allowing cardinals and smaller birds to feed.


If squirrels are a problem, make sure there’s 18” of horizontal and vertical clearance all around the feeder. This will stop squirrels from reaching over and grabbing the feeding tray.

In winter, make sure ice and/or snow don't build up on the cover as squirrels can use it to gain traction. 

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The Arundale Sky Cafe’s generous five-pound (3 quart)  capacity means you won't have to refill your feeder every day (unless you’re feeding a huge flock of birds. ) And because the seed bin is clear, you can easily see when it's time to restock.

Pro Tip: Don’t use striped sunflower, peanuts or other large seeds – they’ll block the openings and prevent seeds from reaching the feeding tray.


Filling the Arundale Sky Cafe is extremely easy - just raise the lid and add food. Be sure to replace the dome securely when you're done. If you do this incorrectly, the feeder will eventually tip and dump all your birdseed out. 


The Arundale Sky Cafe is extremely easy to clean. 

Note:  Vinegar might get your birdfeeder clean, but it doesn't disinfect. To kill germs, you'll need to use either bleach or non-toxic Grapefruit Seed Extract,  which is 10 to 100 times more effective than bleach.

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Bird safety warning

There is a very similar version of this feeder – the Arundale 150 Mandarin – that has feeding ports and perches instead of a tray.

DON’T BUY the Mandarin version: several owners report that small birds have been trapped inside the feeder or gotten their heads stuck in a feeding port and died.

Alternatives to the Arundale Sky Cafe

Brome Squirrel Buster Plus  - see our review - same capacity, good for smaller birds.

Woodlink Caged 6-Port tube feedersee our review - great for smaller birds

Brome Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel Proof Bird Feederread our review - also works great

People who own the Arundale Sky Cafe say


  • "This was one of my first (feeders) and I’m so pleased that I’ve already bought a second. This feeder is constantly full of birds – cardinals, sparrows, blue birds, chickadees and goldfinches. It has been very resistant to wind, rain, and ice and the overall design is sturdy.
  • "Exactly what we were looking for ! Easy to fill, and clean.. very attractive; not cheaply made. The material is sturdy. Would recommend this product without reservation."
  • "In 30 years I have never had a squirrel defeat the feeder and I have watched them try everything."


  • “Some moisture can get into the feeder via the hole in the dome’s top required to pass the chain. I just tie a piece of plastic wrap around the top of the dome where the chain pulls through and it seems to have done the trick.”
  • “Great concept except the birds avoid it. I think they have too much trouble getting seeds out of the feeding ports. I gave it to a friend, and he said the birds in his yard avoid it as well. Not being used.”
  • “Larger birds – grackles, blue jays etc. – love the feeding tray and so we are going through way more bird seed now. ”


The Arundale Sky Cafe is a very good quality American-made bird feeder with lots of repeat buyers.

Cardinals and other birds love it, and it is squirrel proof when properly placed and kept clear of ice and snow.

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Hi, I'm Joy Thurlow. Watching birds in the back yard is a favorite hobby of mine. My mission with Joy of Birdwatching is to share (accurate) information about birds, birding and useful products to help everyone connect with nature and enjoy the birds while we still have them. Thanks for reading!

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About the Author

Joy Thurlow

Hi, I'm Joy Thurlow. Watching birds in the back yard is a favorite hobby of mine. My mission with Joy of Birdwatching is to share (accurate) information about birds, birding and useful products to help everyone connect with nature and enjoy the birds while we still have them. Thanks for reading!