When Too Much Turkey is a Bad Thing

wild turkeys perching on a car

‘Tis the season for turkey on the table, in the oven, even in the freezer. But for Marie Adams of Vancouver Island, BC more turkey is not a good thing.  A small flock of wild turkeys has taken a liking to her home, and she’s got turkey on the lawn, on the car, even in … Read more

Opium Eaters: Birds Just Wanna Get High

An Indian parrot eating an opium seed pod - opium eater!

India’s native parrots have become a flock of opium eaters, causing no end of problems for legal opium growers. Birds and agriculture often don’t get along, as any fruit or grain farmer will readily tell you. Birds just trying to make a living peck away at produce, causing $150 million in crop damage annually (as … Read more