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Barn swallow feeding its young

Do you have any special memories involving birds? Here's mine:

Back in 1998 my living room window had a balcony above it. On the underside, where the balcony joined the building, a pair of swallows built a nest and hatched a few eggs in spring.

By mid-summer most of the babies had flown off to meet the world, but the very last one just wasn't too sure about the whole process.

The little guy stood glued to the edge of the nest and obviously scared stiff at the very thought of jumping and flapping, while mom and dad perched nearby, chirping and calling as much encouragment as they possibly could.

Finally the fledging took a giant leap of faith and just like magic, his little wings carried him to a nearby branch. I saw his confidence blossom with a few more test flights and at last he was ready the great big world.

It was a very moving scene, and one I'll never forget.

Because of that experience, my mission with Joy of Birdwatching is to help you have your own awe-inspiring bird moments by sharing everything I can about how to enjoy the birds near your home.

Beyond birds

I've been a professional writer for more than 30 years and I'm passionate about providing accurate, scientifically valid information you can rely on. Nothing bothers me more than an article whose author obviously (to me) didn't invest enough time in fact-finding!

I live close to the open Pacific ocean on beautiful Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

I'm also an ancient history buff, die-hard Jurassic movie fan and (indoor) cat lover.

My interests range from interior design to ufos, and when I'm not watching birds, I spend almost all of my free time reading about them.


You'll see lots of outgoing links on this site, and most of them are affiliate links. When you click on one of those links, then buy something, I earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you.

Before mentioning any product, I research it thoroughly and make sure it provides good quality and value for your money AND is safe for birds. 

Thank you very much for supporting JoyofBirdwatching.com!

Wishing you birds,

Joy Thurlow is a pseudonym for Kathee Muzin

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Joy Thurlow

Hi, I'm Joy Thurlow. Watching birds in the back yard is a favorite hobby of mine. My mission with Joy of Birdwatching is to share (accurate) information about birds, birding and useful products to help everyone connect with nature and enjoy the birds while we still have them. Thanks for reading!