Birdkiss smart bird feeder review

BirdKiss smart bird feeder with fruit on it

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85% Overall

The BirdKiss smart bird feeder is a very cute bird feeder that captures excellent images and runs on battery power with solar top-up. Easy setup and clear instructions, but if you don't buy the AI and storage subscription the app disables the smart detection features after the first month.

image quality

We Liked

  • Appealing design  
  • Excellent image quality
  • Supports SD card (not included)
  • Solar recharging
  • Adjustable camera angle

We Didn't Like

  • Must buy subscription to get smart identification feature
  • First battery charge can take up to 10 hours
  • Can't remove camera for charging


The BirdKiss smart bird feeder has all the right features: infrared night vision, solar charging, video and audio capture, great image quality and a big perch for multiple birds.

Most who own this feeder are happy with the accuracy of AI (artificial intelligence) bird recognition, but you must pay a few dollars each month for an "Awareness Plan" to get this feature.

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BirdKiss Smart Bird Feeder  Review

BirdKiss smart bird feeder

Warning - the BirdKiss smart bird feeder is so cute and so much fun that if you buy it for a gift you might end up keeping it!

The BirdKiss smart feeder can capture quality 1080p video and sound day and night, and will send intelligent notifications to your phone in real time:

BirdKiss notification

Videos are stored in the cloud for 3 days, unless you buy a subscription plan, which is required to access the AI bird identification. Plans are priced according to how much storage you want, with the lowest price being around $3 USD per month.

If you do have a subscription, when you open a bird video you'll be able to click on the line that says "a bird detected" to be taken to a wiki page with more information on that species.

BirdKiss video library

Screenshot of your BirdKiss video library.

Your library of videos is stored as a series of small thumbnails. Click on any of them to open the video in a small format at the top of your screen.  

To download the video, tap on "Choose" on the right above the video and select "Download" 

Tap on the white square in the lower right of the small video to expand to a full screen view

To see what was added to your library on previous days, scroll to the left on the calendar line at the top of the screen.

Who is this product for?

Of all the smart bird feeders we reviewed, the BirdKiss had the clearest, easiest to follow directions. That makes the BirdKiss a natural for people who don't tend to be fairly intuitive about putting things together.

With its ultra-cute design, the BirdKiss makes a perfect gift for children and seniors - but don't forget that someone has to pay for the app too.

Here's a video sample from the BirdKiss smart bird feeder. As you can see, the image is sharp and clear.

Watching this video you might have noticed that not all the birds are in clear focus. One great thing about the BirdKiss smart bird feeder is that the camera angle is adjustable.

If your birds are usually out of focus, you can reposition the camera lens so it points where the birds are so you get better pictures.

Overview of features

The BirdKiss smart bird feeder is made of recyclable ABS plastic and weighs just over 7 pounds (3.2kg).

It will hold about 4 cups (1.25 liters) of seed, which is about mid-range for a smart bird feeder.  


10.03"L x 7.81"W x 10.23"H




2 MP

Camera view

135 degrees

Night Vision

Infrared (B&W)

Solar power


Time To 1st battery charge

8-10 hours

Photo/Video Storage

cloud or SD card (not included)

Mike & Speaker


Accessories available


Subscription required


Add extra viewers

Up to 4 additional

What's included

Items that ship with the BirdKiss smart bird feeder

NOTE: This image shows the BirdKiss fully assembled and filled with seeds.

This feeder does not arrive fully assembled and does not come with seeds.

The BirdKiss smart bird feeder comes with a solar panel, USBC charging cord and several fruit holders.

Here's a complete list of what's in the box:

  • Feeder Cover (i.e. roof)
  • Bird Seed Container with AI Camera
  • Base
  • Bird Perch
  • Mounting Bracket and Bracket Kit
  • External WiFi Antenna
  • 3W Solar Panel Kit
  • 6 Fruit Holders
  • Silicone Cup for Pouring Seed
  • User Manual

How to use the BirdKiss Smart Bird Feeder

The first thing you should do when you get your BirdKiss smart bird feeder is unpack the camera and plug it in to start charging.  (You may need to get an inexpensive wall plug if you don't already have one.) 

The camera doesn't come out of the housing, so you'll need to plug the charging cable into the slot at the top, then plug the whole thing into your wall socket.

Expect charging to take at least 8 or 9 hours.

If you have a microSD card, now is also a good time to install it in the slot on top of the camera.

Next, assemble the bird feeder:

Then pair your phone, feeder and WiFi:

Placeming and mounting the feeder

You'll need to find a spot that has both a good WiFi signal and at least several hours of direct sunlight per day.

The BirdKiss can be mounted on a pole (not included) or using the included metal bracket as a stand. The bracket can be attached to a tree, wall or fence. 

We don't recommend using the included strap to tie the BirdKiss to a tree, as straps tend to loosen over time and your feeder could fall down.

Once you've got the feeder mounted, you'll need to mount the solar panel and connect it to the left side of the feeder housing, just under where the roof attaches.


This feeder holds about 4 cups (1.25 liters) of any type of seed, which is about mid-range for a smart bird feeder. 


To fill the BirdKiss smart bird feeder, just lift the left side of the roof to expose the filling port.  A silicon cup is included in the box for easy filling. Just dump the food in and press the roof in place till it clicks.


The BirdKiss camera housing is waterproof against a direct hit by a jet of water, but not waterproof under water. This means you can't dunk it a sink or bucket for cleaning. 

You can rinse out the housing with soapy water if you're careful, but it may be more efficient to just wipe it out with a damp cloth. 

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This feeder is sturdy, but it is not squirrel-proof. If you don't want to feed squirrels, you'll need to either use a food they won't eat or place the feeder where they can't get to it. 

Learn more: The ugly truth about squirrel proof bird feeders

What people who own the BirdKiss Smart Bird Feeder say


  • "This really exceeds my expectations. If you need a great gift for a bird lover - this is it."
  • "Very accurate identification of birds on the feeder and animals seen in my yard."  
  • "EXCELLENT low light capabilities."
  • "The video quality is amazing and the manual and instructions are the best I’ve ever seen."


  • "Charging of the battery takes a LONG time – about 24 hours for me."  
  • "The app bothers you too much about buying more cloud space to store videos."

Alternative to the BirdKiss Smart Bird Feeder

The Bird Buddy is a very popular smart bird feeder that's quite similar to the BirdKiss. It's slight more affordable for the basic unit but you'll have to pay for all the 'extras' such as solar power or different feeding options. It comes with generous free cloud storage, doesn't support an SD card.


The BirdKiss smart bird feeder's unique shape is very attractive and would make a cute addition to any yard. It's a good quality product, but to get the most out of it you must pay for a monthly subscription.

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