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SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder

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94% Overall

The SOLIOM BF08 is our top pick in smart bird feeders. Why? Excellent image quality (1080p) with solar panel and microSD card for storage included, you can share views with 5 or more people, plus you get full color night vision!

Image quality

We Liked

  • Color night vision  
  • Great sharability
  • Solar panel included
  • SD card for local storage, included
  • Comes with solar panel

We Didn't Like

  • Subscription required for AI after 30 days
  • Longish charging time - 5-7 hours 
  • Limited cloud storage (3 days) 
  • WiFi may be dropped at times 


People who own the SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder seem to love it with a passion. With lots of features, built-in storage and a solar panel that comes with a 10-foot cord for easy positioning, we can see why.

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The SOLIOM BF08 is a smart bird feeder that does it all. It's a large capacity (2.5 liters or about 10 cups) feeder with a camera made by the SOLIOM Home Security company.

The camera provides exceptional video clarity (see video below) and it's AI (artificial intelligence) can distinguish between a car, a person and a bird when paired with the SOLIOMPro app (not the SOLIOMPro+ app you'd use for SOLIOM security cameras).

Download the app from your app store or scan the QR code on the box. 

Unfortunately, you only get 30 days free with the app and AI features. After that there is a nominal monthly charge of $3 USD or so per month.

The SOLIOM AI is said to recognize up to 10,000 bird species, reporting it's guess with a confidence level. However, users say to keep your bird guide handy as accuracy can be spotty. (AI is a developing technology and most smart bird feeders' accuracy is unreliable.)

With a subscription you can record videos up to 3 minutes, otherwise they're limited to 20 seconds. 

An onboard microSD card (32GB) lets you store images and videos locally, and you also get free 3-day looping storage in the cloud.

The SOLIOM BF08 also comes with a separate solar panel and, unusually, a 10 foot cord connecting it to the bird feeder, which makes it much easier to position for charging than most other smart bird feeders.

You can also charge the batteries via the included USB-C cable, but the charging will take 5 to 7 hours.

The app will send you instant notifications when a bird arrives on the feeder. You can view it live, and can give 5 or more phones access to do the same whenever they want. (Only your phone will get the notification.)

The SOLIOM also features a mike, speaker and alarm that can be used to scare squirrels and other pests away from the feeder.

Who is this product for?

The SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder is an ideal product for people who love convenience. It's solar powered so you won't have to take it down for charging every few days.

It holds about 10 cups of seed, so you won't have to fill every few days either.

This smart feeder is also perfect for anyone who feeds large numbers of birds and wants to share images with the whole fam damily. Once you've got the app set up, you can invite 5 or more people to access your live views.

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Overview of features


8.6"L x 8"W x 12.3"H




2 MP

Camera view

110 degrees

Night Vision

Color & B/W (infrared)

Solar power

Panel & 10ft cord included

Time To Charge Battery

5-7 hours

Photo/Video Storage

microSD card up to 128GB

Mike & Speaker


Accessories available


Subscription required

Yes, about $3/mo 

Add extra viewers

5 or more additional

What's included

The SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder comes with everything you need, plus several spare screws and knobs in case you lose one. Here's the list:

  • The BF08 camera feeder
  • Metal mounting bracket
  • Velcro strap
  • 5W Solar panel with 10ft long cable & hardware
  • Type C charging cable- 3.3ft
  • User manual
  • 32GB memory card

How to use the SOLIOM BF08

SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder WiFi antenna

After unpacking your SOLIOM, the first thing you should do is search the packing materials in the bottom of the box until you find the WiFi antenna. It's often buried in the packaging and hard to find.

Next, tilt the camera toward you install your microSD card - either the one that came with the feeder or a larger one up to 128MB. There's a slot for it in the top of the camera. Be sure to replace the waterproof cover!

Like all smart bird feeders, the SOLIOM requires 2.4G WiFi to connect with the app on your phone.

If you don't have 2.4G WiFi, check to see whether your router is a dual band model that also offers 2.4 G connectivity. If so, you may be able to switch it from 5G to 2.4G, or you need to use an affordable 5G to 2.4G adapter.

Next, plug the included USB-C cable into the camera module and then into a charging port. (You may need to get an inexpensive wall plug if you don't already have one.) Charging will take 5 to 7 hours.

The SOLIOM comes pretty much pre-assembled, but you will need to attach the large perch to the front and the WiFi antenna and solar panel connection at the back.

While you're waiting for the camera to charge, get your WiFi password ready.

Back view of the ?SOLIOM BF08 smart bird feeder showing position of WiFi antenna, roof release and solar panel connection

Next, go to your app store (or use the QR code on the Quick Start guide) and download the SOILIOMPro app (not the SOLIOM app) to your smartphone. Sign up for a new account, then pair the phone to your camera following the instructions provided.

Use the app to set the camera settings to your preferred options and it's good to go!


To fill the feeder, unscrew the small knob at the top rear, lift the roof and add seed. Replace the roof and tighten the knob to hold it down tight. (See photo above.)


The SOLIOM BF08 has room for lots of food: up to 10 cups or so (2.7 liters), so you won't have to run out and refill it every day.


Your feeder will need to be placed in a spot where there's a strong WiFi signal and where the solar panel can be placed nearby to get a few hours of good light all year round.

The feeder can be attached to a tree using the included strap, or you can use the included metal bracket.

We recommend using the bracket as the feeder is made of metal and fairly heavy.

Just screw the bracket to a solid tree, post or fence and set the feeder on top of the bracket's hub. You can face the feeder in any direction.

Attach the solar panel mounting according to instructions, making sure all the locking mechanisms are tightly secured.

Finally, link the solar panel cable to the camera cable at the back of the feeder and you're done!


The acrylic seed compartment wraps around the camera housing and the camera itself is waterproof against jets of water.

This means you can fill the feeder with soapy water for a good scrub if necessary, while taking care not to immerse the camera in water.

Otherwise, use a damp cloth to wipe down any debris or gunk that collects and make sure the camera lens isn't dirty.

If you want to disinfect the feeder, we recommend using a 10% bleach solution or Grapefruit Seed extract

What people who own the SOLIOM BF08


  • "This bird feeder camera makes me feel like I am the bird whisperer and the birds are eating out of the palm of my hand.. 
  • "Very sturdy and well built – survived a 3-storey drop intact!"
  • "Bird ID works well for the most part."
  • "We will be throwing away every other bird feeder on our property so that this one has no competition."


  • "Wont stay connected to WiFi."  
  • "I don’t like the fact that it’s made in China. (NOTE: nearly all smart bird feeders are made in China.)"

Alternative to SOLIOM BF08

The NETVUE Birdfy offers most of the same features as the SOLIOM BF08. In addition to color night vision, the Birdfy can magnify images up to 8X for a really close-up look at your birds.

The Birdfy can also run on solar power and use a microSD card for local storage, but neither of those is included in the price. The SOLIOM doesn't offer any accessories for serving fruit, jelly or suet to your birds, but you can buy those as add-ons for the Birdfy. (NOTE: if you do buy the Birdfy, be sure to check the prices on various bundles for the best deal.)


We think the SOLIOM BF08 is the best smart bird feeder in 2023. On the few occasions when people have reported a quality issue, SOLIOM has provided excellent service and a quick replacement if necessary. I personally own and love this feeder!

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Joy Thurlow

Hi, I'm Joy Thurlow. Watching birds in the back yard is a favorite hobby of mine. My mission with Joy of Birdwatching is to share (accurate) information about birds, birding and useful products to help everyone connect with nature and enjoy the birds while we still have them. Thanks for reading!